About Us


Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at the new virtual home of Gercekask Siberian Huskies.
We are Kat Waterfield & Liam Rogerson and our 2 children Kaitlyn & Landon. We are a small kennels containing Siberian Huskies & Lurchers located in the North East of England.
We believe at Gercekask that the welfare of the animals takes priority over everything else. We have been involved in the pedigree dog scene all our lives and we believe that you can never stop learning. With this in mind it is felt at Gercekask that to carry on breeding top quality dogs we have to move with the times and incorporate all that is new, whether it is genetically or new health regimes.
When we are thinking of mating a bitch we have a criteria that both the male and female have to fit and compliment each other before we will go ahead with the mating. Sometimes this can take a considerable time and then it may not proceed. The main reason for this is of course the welfare and health of the female and the ultimate welfare and health of the future puppies. Is it possible to produce healthy puppies? Of course it is, so long as you adhere to a strict discipline of health and welfare criteria of the dogs that you use in your breeding program.

Have a look around and meet our pack.

For any questions at all you may have on the breed, please feel free to email us at gercekask.siberians@hotmail.co.uk